Friday, August 31, 2007

9lbs 13oz

Not bad baby man not bad at all.

Just back from the docs. She agrees with Sam, no water, acne will clear up.

Cannot believe he is 4 weeks's all a blur, I'm trying to remember to stop and smell the roses.


Mommyca said...

They grow up way too fast! My little one will be five months on September 10th! Ahhhh!

Emma in Canada said...

Move your computer upstairs! I miss your comments.

Sophie had hideous acne, for about 3 weeks I think. So did Saoirse now that I think of it. Was gone by 6 weeks on the pair of them anyway.

Sam said...

Oh good, I'm glad my advice was correct :o)
Hope you are getting some sleep!

Stacey said...

It sure flies by, doesn't it? I feel like I just checked out of the hospital yesterday, and it's been almost a month! Enjoy it if you can...and my kids hear "In a minute!" constantly...don't feel too bad!