Thursday, August 30, 2007

4 weeks tomorrow

How did that happen?

He's starting to look more like a baby now, losing that very newborn look. Still testing me though.

This post really serves to remind me why not to have another, or what I'm in for if I do, in case I ever start that nonsense up again in a couple of years.

Weeks 3-6 are tough man, very tough, was the same with little man and is now hard work with baby man. He's only nursing well over the past few days so my milk is only catching up now. He's full of gas, full full full, poor child writhes and contorts himself trying to get it out. My diet is bare bones and still he's full of wind, just like little man was. I think it's reflux, I'll ask tomorrow.

Baby man is also acne ridden poor lamb, his little chin is destroyed. Little man didn't have that, I don't know what to do about it - anyone? A friend who has 7 children told me to give him water between feeds to flush it out - I thought he was way too young for water and I'm having a tough enough time feeding him and getting him to latch properly withouth filling his little belly full of water. Any other suggestions folks?

Little man is still being good, certainly testing my patience but I feel bad for him too, he hears a lot of "in a minute" "after I feed/change/wash" baby man he's doing well but I feel like I need to spend some good time with him soon.

My back is broken, absu-fucking-lutely broken, lifting babies, toddlers, car seats, latching a fussy baby, all that good stuff = damage to the back. Must visit chiropractor soon.

Never get computer time anymore, compuyter is in the basement, smelly basement, don't want to bring baby man down here and can't really leave him unattended upstairs yet so apologies for not reading your blogs, I still love you and will come see how you're doing as soon as I can.

Right then, back to changing nappies and wiping arses.

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Sam said...

My first born had very acne when she was only a few weeks old, it's just the hormones from your milk, it will clear by itself. I wouldn't give water as it can interfere without the amount of milk he is taking from you.