Monday, August 13, 2007

Oompa Loompa

Baby man and I spent his one week birthday in the ER having him checked for high billirubin. He was a touch yellow when we came home on Tuesady, even more yellow on Wednesday and by Friday's doctors appointment decidedly oompa loopa-ish.

Friday afternoon, I was having difficulty waking him to feed so thought feck this and headed off to the ER. I'm damn glad I did his level was 20, up 2 points from that morning - phew.

We were admitted and spent 2 nights there, it's a new pain watching your tiny baby have an IV inserted, not being able to hold or cuddle him except for feeding for 2 days. By Sunday morning his level was down and we came home. I think I held him straight for the next 24 hours.

The good news is that at this morning's doc appointment he is back to his birth weight and she didn't even bother doing a heel stick because he looks pink no orange finally. He's also feeding much better, he was killing me with a very poor latch. I'm still supplementing with formula to deal with the jaundice but will gradually cut that out this week and keep him on the boob.

We took lots of pictures it's the only time in his life he was have that lovely tan.

Other than that I'm adjusting, well we all are, little man is a dream, keeps telling me how much he loves his baby brother and seems genuinely pleased to see him when he gets home from daycare, slips right by me with a glancing kiss and goes straight for his baby brother.

I'm doing surprisingly well, down 30lbs, yahoo, had gained 40!!!! Might not seem like a lot but considering I was still holding on to 10 from little man, it got me up there.

So nice to be able to move, bend down, turn over in bed, not have to pee every 1 minute, I should still be pregnant ha ha I am so happy I'm not! Sorry to those of you still waiting, I know it sucks and I feel bad for you, really I do, but oh my gods am I so fucking delighted not to be pregnant any more - sorry I'm labouring the point (pun intended) so I'll stop now.

Am besotted with baby man, loving all the little noises, wallowing in the newbornness of it all, was a bit overwhelmed with little man as a newborn so I'm enjoying this time with baby man knowing that it really doesn't last that long and before long he'll be yelling at me to wipe his bum just like his big brother.

Newborns rock, almost 3 year olds rock, I'm a little blissed out.


Emma in Canada said...

Awww, it sort of makes me want a newborn again. You know, until I remember the torture that was Sophie.

Glad he's doing better!

Stacey said...

Poor baby! Glad all is well.

And I'm thankfully no longer one of those in Delaney arrived Thursday!

Boliath said...

Thanks Emma and CONGRATULATIONS Stacey, I can't access your blog or I'd leave a message there, hope you get this one>

Baby man is doing much better, has his 2 week appointment tomorrow - time flies, must keep swimming.

tina said...

So glad baby man is on the up and up! And how great that the little man is bringing the good love to his wee cohort.

Yeah, this is all making me look forward to trying for Finn's companion.

I hope we get to see pictures!