Monday, August 20, 2007

Good gods

2 kids - whose idea was this?

Am wrecked, shattered, mourning the loss of me.

Still enjoying baby man especially now that he looks and acts like a normal baby, but oh my...

He is currently cluster feeding every hour - yikes!

Little man still being the sweetest big brother ever.

Thanks for all your comments sorry so awol am sure life will calm down - it will won't it?

Yours in exhaustion,
Bo xx


Sam said...

Oh I remember that feeling well, especially the loss of me part. It will get easier as I'm sure you know :o)

Emma in Canada said...

It sounds like things are pretty exciting around your part of the world.

I could live without the hourly cluster feeding though!

Stacey said...

Oh, it gets soooo much easier. Promise. Surprisingly, adding a third baby to my family has been MUCH easier than bringing home the second.

And now, I must go nurse MY little piggy for the billionth time today!

Boliath said...

Congratulations Stacy!

It is getting easier.