Friday, September 21, 2007

Bad Bloggers go to Facebook

Have discovered Facebook and am liking it a whole lot. Life is way way way too hectic with 2 kiddos to blog, I don't know how people do it! I barely have time to pee some days.

So I'll try I will but I doubt there'll be much blogging going on, I'm reading though :c)


Sam said...

I keep hearing about facebook and a friend invited me to join just the other day. I am resisting the temptation to join, I know I will be hopelessly addicted if I do.

Krissy said...

I'm on Facebook! I luuuuuurve it.

If you advance search Krissy and put my home town as Chicago, you'll find me! Just let me know it's you when you do.

Emma in Canada said...

Oh, that facebook. She is a killer.

random_mommy said...

I totally understand. Everytime I sit down to look at facebook or blogs, one or both kids require feeding, cleaning, etc.